Isthe Airwheel SE3miniTRideableSuitcasethe Carry-On of the Future?

Abstract: As frequent travelers, we know that one thing that can make or unmake a trip is luggage. You want something that is both practical and stylish, something that will not damage after few trips and that will not break the bank. Now, take a trip on rideable luggage-Airwheel SE3miniT.

Equipped with powerful motor wheels, the SE3miniT smart riding luggage is a choice that have dual functions of storage and transportation. As a smart suitcase that meets the 20-inch cabin specification, it has a storage space of 26L, which can meet the travel needs within a week. There is a hidden telescopic handle and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use. It transports its carrier to his or her destination up quicker than by walking—with speeds up to 6km/h and 15km/h. In the fast mode, users just switch from two to three wheels in one second. The speed change makes it different from the SE3 and SE3mini.

How to solve themovement difficultyof the elderly? AirwheelH3PCsmart wheelchair brings quality travel.

Abstract: At present, the aging population is growing rapidly. Many elderly people over 60 have inconvenience to travel due to physical decline, illness and other factors. In order to help the elderly with travel difficulties to live more independently, Airwheel launched the smart wheelchair H3PC which can meet the needs of the elderly.

Airwheel H3PC is simple and easy. For the elderly who are struggling with technology products, they can quickly learn to use it without stress. The intelligent control handle used for the operation of the machine is ergonomic and adopts the AI intelligent control system. The user can control the direction through the 360°rotating joystick, and switch, decelerate, accelerate, light, horn and other functions. In addition to the local control, the Airwheel H3PC electric automatic folding wheelchair has two remote control modes specially developed, Bluetooth and mobile APP. Without the help of others, the user can also control the wheelchair to be used, stored in the corner, folded and unfolded.

Ryszard Szurkowski nie żyje. Najbardziej utytułowany polski kolarz zmarł w wieku 75 lat

W wieku 75 lat zmarł Ryszard Szurkowski, najbardziej utytułowany polski kolarz w historii. O jego śmierci Polską Agencję Prasową poinformowała żona sportowca Iwona Arkuszewska-Szurkowska.

Ryszard Szurkowski 10 czerwca 2018 roku uległ wypadkowi podczas wyścigu weteranów w Kolonii w Niemczech. Dla wielu była to tajemnica poliszynela. Koledzy z peletonu, znajomi, lekarze, dziennikarze zachowali solidarność, nie informując o dramacie opinii publicznej, o co prosiła rodzina i sam Szurkowski. Zmienił on jednak zdanie po wizycie w szpitalu w Konstancinie komentatora Eurosportu Krzysztofa Wyrzykowskiego, którego znał od 45 lat.

Ryszard Szurkowski is dead. The most titled Polish cyclist died at the age of 75

Ryszard Szurkowski, the most decorated Polish cyclist in history, died at the age of 75. His wife, Iwona Arkuszewska-Szurkowska, informed the Polish Press Agency about his death.

Ryszard Szurkowski on June 10, 2018, had an accident during the veterans race in Cologne, Germany. For many it was an open secret. Colleagues from the peloton, friends, doctors and journalists maintained solidarity, not informing the public about the drama, which was asked by the family and Szurkowski himself. However, he changed his mind after the Eurosport commentator Krzysztof Wyrzykowski, whom he had known for 45 years, visited the hospital in Konstancin.

How to choose a commuter electric assist bike that suits you?

How to choose a commuter electric assist bike 
electric assist bike 
Airwheel R5 is very suitable for office workers. According to related investigations, most office workers lack sufficient exercise, which leads to a decline in physical fitness and energy, often in a sub-healthy state. For office workers who can hardly find time to exercise in a busy work life, combining exercise and commuting together can solve this problem to a certain extent. In order to meet the needs of commuting and sports, the R5 
Electric Assist Bike 

Airwheel H3Telectric automatic folding wheelchair is to create solutions that will make people’s lives easier.

Abstract: “Barrier-free travel” requires the joint efforts of the government, society, and individuals. As an intelligent technology company that practices “free intelligent life”, Airwheel has also launched the intelligent wheelchair H3T specifically for people with difficulty for movement to help them control their travel life more autonomously.

As a smart wheelchair, H3P10 electric automatic folding wheelchair is mainly driven by electric energy when moving, and the speed can reach 6km/h. It can also walk particularly easily and effortlessly when facing slopes, bumps, lawns and other road conditions. Its body also adopts the design of an electric telescopic structure, and only one button is needed to automatically fold or unfold the wheelchair, which brings great convenience to the storage of the wheelchair. The intelligent control handle also adopts a detachable design, which can be interchanged left and right to meet users with different hand habits.

Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is designed for modern travel

Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is designed for modern travel

Airwheel SE3S travel box electric scooter is equipped with front motor wheels and rear pneumatic tires for riding and traveling under electric power, and the speed can reach 13km/h. In addition to the riding bar, Airwheel SE3S is also equipped with a common traction bar, which can cope with no electricity or other situations that are not suitable for riding. It is not difficult to switch between the two different modes of riding and traction. the motor wheel and riding bar of Airwheel SE3S robot travel case are designed with electric telescoping. With just one button, you can switch the usage mode quickly and easily. You can travel freely anytime and anywhere. The aluminum pole has three adjustable positions for comfortable operation. Easy to drag and drop.