Airwheel two wheeled balancing scooter: born for environment friendly

What time the personal vehicle was start to pop up?
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Airwheel Self-Balancing Scooter – A New Thinking of Short Commute

Airwheel electric unicycles, which are manufactured by Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd, feature fashionable look, concise contour and portability and have been a best-seller in the emerging new transport market. Airwheel runs at an optimal speed 10km/h, which saves half the commuting time. Airwheel self-balancing unicycle is born for the low-energy-consumption transport market.

An Innovative Adaption to Smart Technology—Airwheel Trekking Bike

Abstract: The ride in our personal transportation family, the Airwheel R series arrived with enhanced speed, range, and capabilities. Airwheel R series—
Moreover, the three different ride modes can fully meet the riding demands of everyone. At first, you might need to warm up and the manual mode is suitable. Then, the moped mode lets you experience the combined power from electricity and man-labor. Finally, when you are tired, the electric mode gives you an effortless and fast riding experience. It is worth mentioning the R6 and R8. Among the four models in R series, only R6 has two ride modes—

Parents Will Be Satisfied With This Modern-Day Airwheel H8 Smart Wheelchair

Abstract: If your mother or father'
Also, the details of Airwheel H8 handle controlled electric wheelchair will make our parents satisfied. Its frame has lighter and higher strength than ordinary material, and its maximum load can reach 130kg. Under the seat, there is a large storage box for riders to put the daily necessaries. Also, it is able to store more goods when go shopping. Its brushless motor using magnetic encoders as sensor is more powerful. Unlike other power chairs, H8'